Well Woman Check-up
By appointment

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Our clinic is one of few in Ireland which incorporated Ultrasound scans in well man / well woman clinic. In addition to traditional examinations like blood pressure, blood tests, heart rate, and physical examinations, we perform on-site ultrasound of Lung to exclude pneumonia, lung edema, pleural (lining of lung) diseases, trapped air. We also scan kidneys to rule out cysts, tumors, masses, and atrophy, and blockage. Ultrasound is used to calculate your urine residual volume. High residual urine is found in obstructed urinary system & “lazy” bladder.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm is a life-threatening condition. We are proud that our Clinic is the only GP clinic in county Galway to offer AAA ultrasound exam. In addition, uterus & ovaries will be scanned for pathologies like masses, fibroids, cysts, adenomyosis, and endometriosis. 

Your Gallbladder will be scanned to exclude stones, inflammation, or sludge, and we will measure the sized of liver, and check if you have fatty liver changes. Lastly, your left side of the heart will be scanned, Mitral & Aortic valves will be checked, and ejection fraction (a measurement to rule out heart failure) will be calculated.

The following are included:

- Physical examination of heart, lungs, abdomen, height & weight.
- Lungs function test ( Peak flowmeter )
- Blood pressure, heart rate, Oxygen saturation, urine test.
- ECG ( heart tracing test )
- Ultrasound of left side of the heart, lung, both kidneys, urinary bladder, uterus & ovaries, abdominal Aorta, gallbladder, liver, and spleen.

- blood test for FBC, minerals, liver, kidneys, thyroid, diabetes, Cholesterol, vit B12, Iron, .....ect
(around 40 tests).

Price €300
Duration: usually 75min. 
Add-on (optional):