Well Man Clinic
By appointment 

Our clinic is one of few in Ireland which has incorporated Ultrasound scans in well man / well woman clinic. In addition to traditional examinations like blood pressure, blood tests, heart rate, and physical examinations, we perform Ultrasound of Lung to exclude pneumonia, lung edema, pleural (lining of lung) diseases.  Your prostate size will be measured by ultrasound which is more accurate than physical examination. Scanning your urine residual volume is an essential step to rule out enlarged prostate, bladder outlet obstruction, and urethral narrowing.
Abdominal aortic aneurysm is a life-threating condition, and we are proud that our Clinic is the only GP clinic in county Galway to offer AAA scans.
Your Gallbladder will be scanned to exclude stones, inflammation, or sludge. In addition, your left side of the heart will be scanned, and ejection fraction (measurement of how much blood the left ventricle pumps out with each contraction) will be calculated.

The following are included:
- Physical examination of heart, lungs, abdomen, prostate, height & weight. 
- Lungs function test ( Peak flowmeter )
- Blood pressure, heart rate, Oxygen saturation, urine test.
- ECG ( heart tracing test ) 
- Ultrasound of lungs, kidneys, urinary bladder, prostate, and abdominal Aorta, gallbladder, left side of the heart.
- blood test for CBC, minerals, liver, kidneys, thyroid, vit B12, PSA.....ect

Please make an appointment if you are interested, as it may take up to 120 minutes to complete all tests.
Price €250